Coco meets high expectations and yet also somehow disappoints

If there’s one thing you can rely on Pixar for, it’s well crafted stories accompanied by fantastic animation. Coco delivers in both of these aspects – so why was I disappointed?

It may be because Pixar have now exceeded expectations so consistently over twenty-odd years that I was expecting to have the bar raised yet again, only to have it just hurdled. Continue reading “Coco meets high expectations and yet also somehow disappoints”


my dream for this blog

Well, this year’s going to be fun.

Once the school holidays are over, school resumes. And when school resumes, HSC starts. And when HSC starts, fun becomes drained from existence.

But on the plus side, a year-long gap from writing could mean that once I reboot the writing, I could reboot the blog to incorporate what I’ve always wanted it to; everything. Continue reading “my dream for this blog”

What’s been happening? (and what’s going to happen?)

So I’ve been fairly lax on writing for the blog in the past few months; mainly due to study priorities and a larger focus on producing video revie- VIDEO REVIEWS!

I’ve been wanting to produce video reviews ever since the days preceding this blog, and now that I feel I have a slight knowledge of how to operate Final Cut Pro, I’ve made a few.

I’ll leave a link for my channel at the bottom of this post but more importantly… what does this mean for the blog? Continue reading “What’s been happening? (and what’s going to happen?)”