Wonder Woman is the best DC’s produced since The Dark Knight [REVIEW]

Wonder Woman, on its own, stands a good movie. It may not be as fantastic as most people profess it to be but compared to DC’s track record since The Dark Knight (one of the greatest films ever made), it’s Citizen-goddamn-Kane.

Let’s have a look at DC’s recent catalogue…


Since The Dark Knight, there have been 9 live-action films based on DC comics. Considering the fact that the last three were Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad (I shiver-typed that last one), Wonder Woman didn’t need to live up to that high a bar, but it still managed to jump above that bar by quite a bit.

Let me begin by discussing the aspects I didn’t enjoy so much.

Side-Villain McEvilFace.

The main villain is quite laughable, the visual effects are horrendous and it fails to fully explore the thematic question posed throughout the majority of the film; “Is humanity inherently evil or is it a god’s doing?”

The question is upheld all the way to the end (which is more than I can say for Batman v Superman) and it does a pretty good job of carrying it to that point, however that point is where it lost me and I’m still not sure whether I didn’t get it or they never made it.


There’s also the issue of Wonder Woman. Again, in comparison to the previous films in this franchise, she’s one of the most developed characters since Seven Samurai‘s Kikuchiyo but as an individual character, I wanted to know more. I wanted to understand more of Wonder Woman’s character and I wanted to be able to connect more with the story.

But it really isn’t that much of an issue, as the film does explore Diana’s arc of naivety and her journey towards understanding humanity’s primal morals (again, “is humanity inherently evil or is it a god’s doing?”).


Now let’s look at the aspects I was really pleased to see in a DCU film;

Remember when Lois Lane got kidnapped in BvS? Yeah, you probably didn’t until I reminded you. In this film, I actually cared what happened to Chris Pine. He wasn’t just a plot mcguffin, he had what industry professionals call character.

It also helped that the film was set in the first World War, because I felt that the side characters were in real danger (obviously not Wonder Woman though, she’s in the Justice League movie) and since they aren’t required for future instalments, they could very easily be offed.

I don’t remember these guys’ names but I DO REMEMBER THEIR ACCENTS! THAT’S CHARACTER RIGHT?

I throw back to the thematic question of “are humans inherently evil?”. Like I said, this question becomes slightly jumbled in the final act but at least it still tries to pose the question. Batman v Superman gave up on its question less than halfway into their movie.

And the final thing I loved about Wonder Woman is… it’s Wonder Woman. Seriously. That’s it.

There have been 9 live-action Batman films since 1966 and 7 live-action Superman films since 1978. What did Wonder Woman have? A TV series and an insult in the shape of Shaq’s Steel film.

Remember this one?

The fact that DC waited until now to make a Wonder Woman film is astonishing. But now that we have it, what do we think? I think it’s pretty good.

Again… compared to Suicide Squad, IT’S THE GODFATHER.

3.5 / 5   decades without a Wonder Woman film

What did you think of Wonder Woman? What’s your favourite DC film? Did you ever watch Steel? If so, you poor thing…

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