SFF 2017 review: Brigsby Bear

Produced by the hilarious Lonely Island crew, Brigsby Bear follows James Pope, a man kidnapped from a young age and raised in an environment where the only entertainment is Brigsby Bear, a show manufactured specifically for him. When he’s rescued by police and reunited with the real world, all he’s really concerned with is what happens to Brigsby Bear.

You can tell you’re in the presence of a good film the moment you see Mark Hamill, an actor who I praise for not just sitting on his Luke Skywalker money. Since Star Wars, he’s become acclaimed for providing the voice of the Joker in animated portrayals of Batman (a voice he does quite perfectly) and now, I praise him even further for taking a minor role in this indie darling, a role he also does quite perfectly.

Brigsby Bear seems to walk this fine line between being an accessible summer hit and being an indie classic in the making, but walking this fine line unfortunately means it may not succeed as either. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it a lot, I’m just sensing it may not do so well in the box office that you’ll definitely get a chance to see it.

So if the chance comes, give it a shot.


The concept is out there, the execution is very accessible and the whole thing is tied up in a beautiful ribbon bookended by an intriguing start and a heartfelt finish, albeit with many moments in between being forgettable but still entertaining.

All you’ll really remember is the first act and the finish, but that’s enough to create a good memory of Brigsby Bear, and I can almost guarantee it’ll be a better memory than if you saw Transformers 5 (haven’t actually seen it yet but deep down, you know you don’t want to spend 3 hours on The Last Knight).

3.5 / 5  indie darlings

What were your thoughts on Brigsby Bear? Is Mark Hamill an underrated treasure?

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