Top 5 Films of 2017 (so far)

We’re halfway into the year, which means it’s time to count down my top 5 films of the last 6 months.

But before I jump into the actual top 5, I have some honorable mentions…

Honorable Mention #3. Kendrick Lamar: Humble.

Yes, I know. It’s not a movie. But if short films are still classified as films then why not attach them to music?

The first music video released for Kendrick Lamar’s recent album DAMN. (a classic in the making) accompanies the album’s eighth track, HUMBLE..

Whether you like the song or not, there’s no denying that this music video is a behemoth. Some of the camera moves incorporated are just marvels to witness and that shaky thing we see during each chorus… beautiful.

Honorable Mention #2. Ingrid Goes West

The final film of my Sydney Film Festival 2017 experience, Ingrid Goes West follows the titular Ingrid (played by Aubrey Plaza) as she drops everything back at home and moves to L.A. to befriend an internet celebrity she’s stalking.

If it weren’t for the all-too abrupt ending, this film could be higher on my list but alas, I guess it’s JUST funny, relevant and engaging. Hrmph.

Honorable Mention #1. Brigsby Bear

They say that when you spot the wild Mr. David Stratton a few seats down from you, you’ve just witnessed an original film.

Brigsby Bear, produced by the hilarious Lonely Island crew, follows one man’s journey as he attempts to reconnect with a world he’s been estranged from since he was a child, however he’s more concerned with the fact that his favourite TV show is now at an end.

It’s original, quirky and heartfelt, all the emotional components necessary for a great summer watch.

And now for the actual top 5.

5. Logan

If this is indeed Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine (and it’s certainly looking that way), then he’s going out with a perfectly-toned finale.

It’s bloody, it’s mature, it’s engaging from the first moment and most of all, it has actual depth. How many stand-alone Wolverine films can you say that about?

4. Raw

Raw is not one for the weak-stomached.

This French arthouse horror film centered around a vet student and her struggles with cannibalism may make you queasy but it will have done so through its respect for the audience and its original filmmaking. One to check out if you think you can handle it.

3. Lost in Paris

The definition of a rainy-day film; if I had a DVD copy, I’d be popping it into the TV every time I feel a sneeze coming along. Only then will I have a reason to accept so much cute positivity from this French slapstick comedy.

2. Good Time

Probably the polar opposite of Lost in Paris, Good Time has it’s protagonist (Robert Pattinson) open the film by robbing a bank with his intellectually challenged brother. The brother’s caught which leaves Pattinson to improvise his way through the city’s nightlife, evading the public eye while still attempting to gather money for his brother’s bail.

With direction and writing which has you engaged for every single word and a pulse-pounding dark-synth soundtrack to up the adrenaline even further, Good Time will go down as one of the best crime thrillers.

1. Get Out

If Good Time will go down as one of the best crime thrillers of this century, Get Out should go down as one of the best horror films. (emphasis on that full stop)

Get Out is like a multi-layered cake; sure, you can just take one giant bite and enjoy what you’re tasting. But if you so desire, you can actually taste the individual layers and realise that every single crumb of this cake has thought put into its flavour.

Jordan Peele thought of everything. He thought of how to get great performances out of these actors, he thought of how to give incredible depth to that script, he thought of how to get you on the edge of your seat, he thought of everything. The only thing he didn’t think of was how that comic relief character would balance the film (he’s definitely funny but it still means the horror atmos is disturbed).

So those were my favourite films of the year so far. I’m sure this list will change drastically by the end of the year (mostly considering I’m seeing Baby Driver in a few weeks).

What were your favourite films of the first half of the year? Was it weird to include a music video in the mentions?

Whatever your thoughts, leave a comment below and don’t forget to like the Facebook page to keep the site going!


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