SFF 2017 review: Mister Universo

Mister Universo is an Austrian/Italian film which follows a lion-tamer on a week-long vacation where he visits various relatives (also in the circus business) on his way to locating Arthur Robin, his idol.


I didn’t include a genre in that description because I’m not sure there is one; Mister Universo isn’t funny. It isn’t dramatic. It isn’t scary. But none of this matters to me, I don’t care if a film doesn’t fall into a specific genre.

I do want something though. Anything. And that’s what Mister Universo lacks. Something.


Not unlike Jarmusch’s documentary Gimme Danger, which had no appealing factor nor downside, Mister Universo has almost no up-side nor major fault, except perhaps its ending.

I won’t reveal narrative specifics but I will reveal this; the film ends with nothing. Of course there is something but in terms of evocation, entertainment, information or any other long word I can use to make myself sound more identification, it’s barron.


Mister Universo assumes that meaning will arise from its ending and that the audience will conjure something in their own minds to fill the gap created and that annoys me a little.

Other than this, Mister Universo isn’t difficult to watch, it’s just boring. It’s a nice portrait of kind people being kind to each other, but still boring.

It would work fine as a background film or an airplane watch but as a cinema experience, it lacks that one thing; something.

2 / 5  smart words to make me sound more publication

What did you think of Mister Universo?

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