SFF 2017 Review: Spookers

Spookers is a New Zealand-made documentary centered around the many people involved with Spookers, a live horror attraction similar to a haunted house but utilising hundreds of actors dressed as terrifying clowns.

As soon as this doco begins, you can feel you’re in for something creative. Whether that feeling was directed at the subject or the filmmaking itself, I feel it was both, and that feeling is followed by delivery.


The way all of the stories are edited together is certainly creative but perhaps too creative, and I mean in a structural sense.

What Spookers lacks is a narrative flow. Yes, it is possible to follow multiple stories in one film and yes, it has been done before many times. But when you try to capture too many, the film becomes jumbled. You feel like you’re on a bus with too many stops and soon, you contemplate walking the rest of the journey.


Spookers begins strong, trucks along at a fine pace for a while and then soon feels like it’s been trucking for long. Then when it’s over, you may feel the urge to try out this Spookers thing, I know I do.

3 / 5    nightmare clowns

What did you think of Spookers? Do I need a cold shower and therapy? Maybe…

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2 thoughts on “SFF 2017 Review: Spookers

  1. As someone who participates in the Sydney Zombie Walk, I was interested in the film. I just can’t get to a screening, so thanks Tim for the comments!


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