You should absolutely get in to Get Out

Get Out follows Chris Washington, a black photographer who travels to the woods with his white girlfriend to meet her rich family. Once there, he grows suspicious of them, believing they may have racial reservations about him.

The longer he stays there, the more he realises he may be right… too right…


This film is the directorial debut of comedian Jordan Peele of Key & Peele fame. Being the debut film of a comedian, one might assume a comedy is in store and one would be correct… at times.

No more shall this man be remembered as “that Obama impersonator”.

Get Out is a horror film. By no absolute means is it a comedy. It has some rare comedic relief but it’s only there to balance out Jordan Peele’s masterful sense of tension and fear. And almost all of this comedic relief lies in the hands of a single character, Rod Williams.

If it weren’t for this character, Get Out would be a completely horrific masterpiece. But because of him, it’s 95% horrific masterpiece.

The dog adds almost nothing to the story but cuteness. So it gets a pass.

Don’t see this as a complaint though, I’m glad he’s in there. He puts more into the experience and the film still manages to remain tonally focused.

Back to the main genre of the film; Get Out is a masterpiece of horror.

Somehow this film made Bradley Whitford creepy. I mean Catherine Keener can do anything but Bradley Whitford…

It’s one of the few films I’ve seen in my life which has had me literally on the edge of my seat. It’s also an original film in every sense of the word. As well as the concept being completely fresh, Peele manages to use directorial techniques for the cinematic experience I’m not sure I’ve seen before.

“Did they make you watch Downton Abbey too?”

I want you to go in knowing as little about the plot as possible so I’ll conclude here;

Watch Get Out. Every aspect of cinema comes together here to create something exhaustingly brilliant. Your only moments of breathing space will be during the credits, and even then you’ll be choked up at how terrified you just were. On top of that, it was all inspired by an Eddie Murphy joke. ALL OF THAT WAS BASED ON A JOKE.

Photo taken moments after hearing Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN..

It’s my favourite film of 2017 so far and I would go so far as to say it will be the best film of the year… but Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver releases soon. And well, I almost certainly know that will be a contender.

4.5 / 5  hypnotised photographers

What did you think of Get Out? Did you want to get out of the cinema? Do you want me to leave for that terrible attempt at a pun? Should I be punished?

Whatever your thoughts, be sure to leave a comment below and don’t forget to like the Facebook page to keep the site going!


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