Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie review

The Guardians of the Galaxy comic series was one of Marvel’s more obscure comics before it became a film. As well as this, the characters we see in the film weren’t the central characters of the source.

So Marvel took quite a gamble with their 2014 film, having obscure characters from an already obscure comic charge a large-budget film. But thanks to James Gunn’s writing and direction, it worked like a charm. Now, how about the sequel? Is it better? Yes. And no.

What is better this time around? The villain, the colour and the blue guy.

What isn’t better this time around? The villain, the colour and the blue girl.

Can you even see Groot in this picture?

By the villain, I mean both of them. One being the central villain and the other being the yellow people. The central villain (whose name I won’t reveal for spoiler purposes) is a huge leap from Marvel’s norm because frankly, Marvel don’t do great villains. Marvel does OK villains but they’re all the same; “I want what you have” or “I want you dead” is always the villain’s motive but in Guardians 2, it’s new. It’s completely different and in a way, different to what the rest of action cinema is offering.

On the other hand, there’s the dreaded yellow people. They keep reappearing in the film as a force to be reckoned with but in reality, they’re boring and the Marvel equivalent of Star Trek‘s redshirts – completely expendable and present no threat whatsoever.

You can see the lack of character from a mile away.

Then we have the colour; on one hand, the colour in this film is probably the most vibrant you’ll ever see in your life. This is both a strong point and a weakness. It’s a strong point because it’s new and so memorable, but its also a weakness because going into this film with a headache would be a Space Odyssey nightmare.

Visual reference for “Space Odyssey nightmare”.

And then we have the blue guy and the blue girl; the blue guy being Yondu and the blue girl being Forgettable and Disposable Side Character X.

Yondu, if you don’t remember, was the Ravager who kidnapped Peter Quill as a child. In the last film, he was one of the side-villains turned adversaries but now, he’s a much further developed side-villain turned adversary and I want him to have his own Netflix series immediately.

Yondu, premiering to Netflix in an eternity because we can’t have nice things.

Whereas Forgettable and Disposable Side Character X, if you don’t remember, was Gamora’s sister. That’s right, she’s back and she’s just as uninteresting now as she was before. I don’t know why she’s here for any reason other than to extend the runtime. Except it doesn’t need to be extended… it’s 2 hours long!

Forgettable and Disposable Side Character X looking very forgettable and disposable.

As far as the rest of the film goes, it’s a fairly similar experience to the original Guardians; funny, fast and different yet still so accessible.

There’s also the fact that the soundtrack alone is reason enough to check this film out. Guardians of the Galaxy had a great soundtrack and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is no different.

They open the film with a fight scene set to Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra. If that isn’t the opening for a great soundtrack then I don’t know what is.

Adorable. Simply adorable.

If you liked the original then you should watch this but if you didn’t, you can expect Guardians 2 to be a little better as I feel it surpasses Guardians by a tiny margin.

It’s still fun, it’s still fast and it still has an awesome soundtrack. We could’ve done without the yellow people though, simply for the fact that I’m still referring to them as “the yellow people” and not whatever their name really was.

3.5 / 5  Baby Groots

What did you think of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? Did you prefer it to the original? What 70’s songs are in your Awesome Mixtape?

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