Go Go Surprising “Eh”

From the producer who oversaw the unwanted resurrection of Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comes yet another children’s property he must remake; Power Rangers.

I (among many cinephiles) have a generally negative expectation for Michael Bay-associated films. For me, this is because his style is so recognisable and repetitive, it tends to throw me out of the cinema experience almost instantly.

“I am the one who knoc- nevermind…”

Given this expectation, I assumed Power Rangers would be visually incomprehensible, narratively sluggish and overall a waste of time (and somehow I still went to see it) but surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad.

Yes, the visual style is all too familiar, the story isn’t what I’d call “escapist” and the overall experience was not great but I still found some enjoyment in Power Rangers but mostly in the little things, like knowing the director was trying to squeeze the best out of an okay script, the actors were trying (and partially succeeding) to act and there was some okay action.

Leaked photo from Alice Cooper’s latest tour.

If you didn’t grow up with Power Rangers (like myself), then this film will ultimately be like a free, bad lunch; all you’ll lose is time. It won’t disgust you with it’s quality and it won’t bombard you with terrible writing, it’ll just have you leaving the cinema going “eh”.

But if you did grow up with Power Rangers, I don’t know what to tell you. In fact, I want you to tell me. Did this live up to the legacy? Did it do justice to the lore?

What did you think of Power Rangers? What would you rather do with 2 hours?

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