A Clumsy French Corgi you won’t get to see – Lost in Paris movie review

I only managed to catch one film at this year’s French Film Festival and just like last year’s Dheepan, I’ve found yet another movie everyone should (but won’t) see.

Lost in Paris is a goofy French comedy written by, directed by, produced by and starring Fiona Gordon and Dominique Abel (who are married in the real world). The film takes place in Paris as Fiona (played by Fiona, surprisingly) has travelled from her home country of Canada in order to be with her Aunt Martha (the late Emmanuelle Riva).

But upon her arrival, she discovers that her Aunt has gone missing… and so has her luggage. Tragic sightseeing, misunderstandings, “being at the wrong place at the best time” and the intervening bum Dominique (played by Dominique, again, surprisingly) all come together to create an easy film filled with laughter from start to finish.


This goes without saying but I feel it needs to be repeated as long as it recurs; this is a great film you probably won’t get to see.

Films like the upcoming cop-comedy CHIPS will get a wide release in theaters regardless of how apparently bad it is whereas some films which are certain to put a smile on your face (like the subject of this review) will play twice in cinemas and then disappear.

Please take my word for it and watch Lost in Paris if you get the chance. So far, it’s my favourite film of the year and it’s almost certainly not going to get the release it deserves. It’s hilarious, warm and cute like a Corgi falling over under the Arc De Triomphe. It’s wonderful. It’s Lost in Paris.


What did you think of Lost in Paris? Did you see it? Will you ever get the chance to see it? If so, will you want to? Has this review shifted your opinion on such a matter? Has this paragraph included too many questions? Do you want to see a Corgi falling over now? {I do}

Whatever your thoughts, leave your comment below, sign up to this blog on the side and don’t forget to check out my second blog for video games HERE.

(This trailer doesn’t do the film justice but it’s unfortunately the only one available)

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