Slightly iffy but slightly great – Hidden Figures movie review

Hidden Figures follows three black women working for NASA in the early ’60s whose achievements, mostly unknown to the public of today, helped to send the first American to space (the Russians had already beaten them to it).

These three certainly watchable protagonists just want to advance their careers and the race to space, but as ’60s American society would predictably entail, segregation repeatedly rears its hideous face.

The diversity just pops through the picture.

There isn’t a lot to dissect with Hidden Figures as a film so I’ll be short and straight-to-the-point. I’m also quite tired so here’s possibly the shortest review I’ve ever written!

Direction-wise, the film’s a bit iffy and in terms of technical achievements, it isn’t anything special. But Hidden Figures‘ winning cards are in different places…

One can instantly hear the music for this scene just from the image.

The screenplay is well-paced, funny and endearing. The whole cast turn in good performances (except for the surprisingly lackluster Jim Parsons) and overall, I enjoyed Hidden Figures.

I wouldn’t say the film changes your life and it won’t change your outlook on anything, but it’s worth watching, if not just for its message, as it is enjoyable.

Hidden Figures – 3.5 / 5 stars (worth watching if you want to see it)

What did you think of Hidden Figures? Did you know of these figures? Is the “Hidden” in the title now a falsity?

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