Can excitement physically be this high?

The first two trailers for Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver have dropped and I’m almost literally bleeding excitement.

The first time I saw Shaun of the Dead at a friend’s house, I’d decided to become a writer. The story was just so well-crafted, hilarious and heart-wrenching that I felt the potential in story-writing was a potential I needed to explore.

Then I saw The World’s End, and I’d decided around that time that I wanted to write specifically in the film industry. So Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End had combined to direct me into becoming a screenwriter.

Then I found that the two films were connected, not only by cast and crew but by cross-references as well, and that there was another film among the pack; Hot Fuzz.

These three films are tied for my favourite film of all time and all three are written and directed by Edgar Wright, the man also responsible for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Edgar Wright was set to write and direct Marvel’s Ant-Man but midway through production, he left due to creative differences. His script was still used but without him in the director’s chair, the film didn’t feel completely right.

Then it was announced that he was working on a new American production known as Baby Driver, an action-comedy-thriller following a young getaway driver wanting out of his business.

These two trailers were dropped yesterday and I’ve rewatched both of them at least twenty times already.

For me, can you watch the first one at least once? Feel the hype I’m currently being swept by?

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