Wolverine Part III: Hugh and Patrick make haste to theater doors – Logan movie review (+ new rating system)

Logan is the latest (and quite possibly, last) Wolverine film with Hugh Jackman playing the eponymous anti-hero. The film sees Logan (Wolverine’s real name) as an old man in the year 2029, where mutants have apparently been wiped out.

Logan is caring for an ageing Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) along with a mutant-tracker named Caliban (the usually comedic Stephen Merchant) and everything is going absolutely fine (that’s debatable) when X-23 falls in their lap.

“Charles, get your bag ready, we’re going back to broadway!”

It is revealed that the government have been raising children with mutant abilities for military purposes and X-23, a Mexican girl with Wolverine’s powers, along with the other children, escaped. The children were split up but their plan remains the same; to meet at a supposed safe-haven for mutants.

Old-man Logan and Professor Charles “Migraine” Xavier must now get X-23 from A to B before the government get from A to X…-23.


For the most part, Logan is fantastic. It’s MA15+ rating gives it more room for maturity (which it uses), more room for Wolverine’s expected profanity (which it uses) and plenty of room for Wolverine’s deserved blood and guts (which it most certainly uses).

The first 30 minutes or so of this film were perfect. I was fully engaged with the story, the cinematography was crisp, the acting was great and the story was strong without being too farfetched (I almost forgot the source material involved SPANDEX FOR ALL). The rest of the film was still great and I continued to enjoy myself thoroughly however the only major weak point was its advertised villain; Narcos cop numero uno.

Can’t tell if this was in the film or if it’s just a friendly conversation between Hugh and *insert villain’s name*.

Like I said, first 30 minutes = perfect, especially this guy. He’s presented as a veteran of some sort with a plethora of skills (both physical and intellectual) who’s tasked with hunting down X-23 and bringing her in alive.

However, as the film progresses, his attention from the story and from us as an audience deteriorates. He slowly disappears behind the rest of this fantastic film before he’s eventually just a nameless villain who may or may not get offed by Hugh.

Potential for a Shane Black script?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was awful and I know for a fact that many would agree with that statement (including myself).

The Wolverine was okay. It was certainly a step up from Origins however it still didn’t do the character justice.

But LoganLogan is what we all deserve. And when I say “all”, I’m referring to the general audience, fans of the comic, the characters and most notably, Hugh Jackman himself.

Whilst newcomer Dafne Keen admires the scenery of the screen world, Hugh and Patrick make haste to the theater doors…

Hugh had been trying to separate himself from the franchise for a while before this was made and even though it is most likely his last turn as the clawed legend, he put in 110% effort. He knew this character needed a good send-off and Logan was just that.

Watch the trailer below and if you have the slightest thought of “that looks good”, absolutely go for it. Would not recommend to those with a weak stomach though because just like Deadpool, Logan isn’t afraid to abuse its Ma15+ rating.

Logan – 4 / 5 stars (definitely worth watching)

What did you think of Logan? Should Hugh come back to the X-Men world? Should Deadpool and Logan get that crossover Ryan Reynolds wants?

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