Exactly as the title would suggest, I am going to become a much younger and more handsome Bruce Willis.

The World’s Greatest Shave is a¬†nation-wide charity event which raises money to assist those with leukemia. The money raised goes towards different ways of battling leukemia (some is given directly to those with the disease, some is used as funding for research in the field, etc).

The money is raised by Aussies who pledge to have their heads shaved if they reach a certain goal. I will be participating alongside others at Killarney Heights High School and will indeed be channeling my inner Patrick Stewart while doing so.

If you want to donate… actually scratch that.

WHEN YOU DONATE, be sure to donate to our school’s team page available through this image of a smiling Samuel L. Jackson.

(click on the image and you’ll be taken to the page)

The single happiest man to ever survive a plane full of snakes.

If you wish to donate as little as $1.05, it’s still appreciated. Our goal is to reach $5000 so please just donate whatever you can and join the fight against leukemia. Cool? Cool.

Oh and when you do… tell them Tim sent you.



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