My unpopular opinion – Manchester by the Sea movie review

Manchester by the Sea centers on the story of Casey Affleck’s Lee, a divorced janitor living in Quincy, Massachusetts who has been titled by his brother (recently passed away) as the guardian of his son.

There aren’t any plot twists, “what ifs” or stand-out scenes, only possible tears and perhaps a light chuckle every now-and-then within a story going exactly where you expect it to; nowhere quickly.

The unlikely Jaws homage may have slipped past some crying audience members.

The reason I say “possible tears” is because I’ve cried during three films in my life (films I refer to as “The Big Three”) and Manchester by the Sea is not one of them. Some may feel it necessary to burst uncontrollably into tears whilst some (like myself) may find themselves just thinking “that’s sad”.

If there could only be one reason to see Manchester by the Sea, it would be Casey Affleck. His performance in this won him the Golden Globe and could possibly win him the ever-so-quickly-arriving Oscar. If he does walk home with a golden statue in a week’s time, it will be well deserved.

“Casey, we know you’re AN Affleck but we posted a position for THE Affleck…”

Should the film win any other awards though? Perhaps an acting nod for Michelle Williams or Lucas Hedges (Manchester is heavy on great performances) but in any field other than acting, I wouldn’t be so sure.

The direction is FINE, the writing is FINE (despite yet another lacking end) and the cinematography, sound, editing, etcetera is just FINE. If anything, it’s just above FINE.


There isn’t a lot to discuss when reviewing Manchester by the Sea because it’s simple to comprehend and consume; it’s a film about one man being a guardian to his nephew after his brother has passed away, grieving this recent loss as well as past traumatic experiences.

The award-worthy performances and the aforementioned synopsis make it worth seeing but only if you’re interested. I wouldn’t tell you that you absolutely must watch Manchester by the Sea, only that you should give it a try REQUIRED that you’re interested.

*crickets reply to unpopular opinion*

What did you think of Manchester by the Sea? Were you expecting Ferris Bueller to be in this? Do you think Affleck should win the Oscar? No not Ben, the other one.

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