Cinematic perfection? – Moonlight movie review

Moonlight chronicles three chapters in the life of Chiron, a young black man from a rough neighbourhood in Miami struggling to find his own place in the world.

If the critics are to be believed, Moonlight is a near-perfect masterpiece and it is seemingly impossible to dislike however… there is no however. I almost entirely agree with them. Moonlight is excellent.

Every single aspect within the art of film is brought together here beautifully to tell a story which, despite its faults, changed me a little… but only a little…


Let’s get my few problems with Moonlight out of the way;

  1. The ending left me a little unsatisfied and I know it may have been right for the characters but as usual, it wasn’t right for me.
  2. There were a few tiny moments scattered throughout the film which were slow. The film itself isn’t slow, but those tiny moments do throw you off.
  3. It isn’t a happy film. Moonlight isn’t a film I can see myself rushing out to see again and I can definitely see that turning a lot of people away.

Now let’s look at everything I liked about Moonlight;


  1. Even though it isn’t a happy film, I do believe it is important. It tackles a few subjects which most films wouldn’t even think about tackling and if they did, they’d never tackle it this well or with such sophisticated beauty.
  2. It’s one of the few LGBTQ films I’ve seen get a wide release since Brokeback Mountain… and I didn’t even see Brokeback Mountain.
  3. An excellent example of “Show, Don’t Tell” and in general, a beautiful story so writers, watch Moonlight.
  4. Exquisite direction so directors, watch Moonlight.
  5. Every frame is perfectly composited so cinematographers, watch Moonlight.
  6. Great performances (especially from Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali) so actors, watch Moonlight.
  7.  Just an excellent film so homo sapiens, watch Moonlight.


Moonlight isn’t a popcorn film you’ll talk about with your friends in “dude, do you remember that one scene?” fashion, it’s a film which will have you leaving the cinema in dead silence either out of sadness (for the endearing story) or out of respect (for the filmmaking feat accomplished) but either way, Moonlight is a beautiful film which you definitely consider watching.

However, if you’d rather go see La La Land, I’d recommend that (La La Land puts a smile on your face).

What did you think of Moonlight? Is it the masterpiece it’s being hyped up to be?

Whatever your thoughts, leave your comments below, sign up to this blog on the side and don’t forget to check out my second blog for video games HERE.

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