A near-perfect script for these Perfect Strangers (movie review)

Why am I always blown away by the films I’m not expecting to blow me away?

Perfect Strangers is an Italian comedy/drama about 9 long-time friends with a collective friendship so strong, they feel they don’t have anything to hide. So as an experiment, they all place their phones on the dinner table facing up, all of their new texts are read aloud and all their calls taken on speaker. As the night unfolds, they realise they don’t know each other as well as they think…


Perfect Strangers premiered in Italy in early 2016 but has only reached Australian cinemas now, which is a shame because this would easily make my Best of 2017 list had it premiered now. It’s simply excellent.

It’s quite reminiscent of 12 Angry Men in that it’s mostly set in one room and the night gradually changes drastically for each person. It also has a magnificent character giving off a Henry Fonda vibe.

Perfect Strangers hits every note correctly; there’s never a slow moment, the characters all seem real, it’s a perfect blend of comedy and drama and as an aspiring screenwriter, I’m jealous of what has been accomplished here.


In shorter terms; Perfect Strangers is a near-perfect screenplay. The reason I use “near-perfect” is because of tiny issues rarely scattered throughout. They aren’t substantial enough however to sour my opinion on this film.

If you have a chance to see Perfect Strangers in cinemas, I highly suggest you do. Its near-perfect screenplay excellently merges comedy with drama and does so without a single moment wasted. It’s some of the best I’ve seen from Italian cinema and it’s in cinemas NOW.

What did you think of Perfect Strangers?

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