Who is The Last Jedi?

The sub-title for Star Wars: Episode VIII has finally been revealed and I’ve noticed two things; the first being that my obsession with Star Wars is so heavy, I’ve dedicated an entire post to a TITLE.

The second being that this is a very open title, lending itself to much speculation, speculation I shall now contribute to. Whatever possible meaning to The Last Jedi I could suggest would most likely be incorrect but just to get it off my chest;


The Last Jedi does not refer to Luke, Rey, Finn, Kylo, Leia (Vale) or even the highly beloved Jar Jar.

No… the Jedi in The Last Jedi is in fact, referring to the one and only…


After the death of Han –this is technically a spoiler but I feel everyone’s seen The Force Awakens by now–, we saw ol’ Chewie go on a hate-fueled rampage killing a number of Stormtroopers ON-SCREEN.

Who knows what Chewie got up to off-screen while the film continued? He could’ve destroyed the entire First Order by now.

Chewbacca the Wookiee Peter Mayhew

I have found plenty of (alternative) facts to back up my theory on Chewie’s newly-found way with the force but most importantly, I feel it has the potential to fill one of their anthology films. After Rogue One and the upcoming Han Solo spin-off, I feel Star Wars: The Wookie Strikes Back would be an excellent cap to the trilogy.

What do you think The Last Jedi could mean? Does my Chewie theory check out? Would you be keen in The Last Wookie: A Star Wars Story?

Whatever your thoughts, leave your comment below and don’t forget to check out my second blog for video games HERE.


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