Temporary amnesia? – The Edge of Seventeen movie review

The Edge of Seventeen is a coming-of-age comedy following seventeen-year-old Nadine (played by Hailee Steinfeld) as she navigates a high-school life made even more difficult by the fact that her best (and in a way, only) friend is sleeping with her older brother.

This was not a film I anticipated. The title and the concept just sounded too safe and familiar to be interesting but when one of the trailers caught my attention, I thought “this doesn’t look too bad”. Then the hype began to build, I saw it in cinema and I was definitely entertained.

Not changed but definitely entertained.


The Edge of Seventeen is an easy film but not easy in the sense that it doesn’t require effort, easy meaning that it’s easy to become interested. Once the film starts, you almost instantly connect with Nadine and I can’t remember why.

In the moment, the film was interesting, relatable and funny however sitting here, writing this review, I’ve forgotten almost everything about The Edge of Seventeen. Sure I can remember fragments of scenes and the great performances of Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson but other than that, The Edge of Seventeen wasn’t too memorable.

Maybe it was the good pacing, maybe it was the interesting Nadine or maybe just maybe… I have temporary amnesia.

It probably ended on a high note. Do I remember it? No. But I remember leaving the cinema with a smile so it must’ve ended happily.


Hang on… I’m remembering parts now… a theme park… a short film festival… Billy Joel… Ok I’m only remembering good things so I’d recommend The Edge of Seventeen.

I might have temporary amnesia but I do recollect that I saw a great coming-of-age film with some great performances and I believe that I commended its riskiness as I exited the cinema.

What did you think of The Edge of Seventeen? Were you expecting the Stevie Nicks song to be in the credits? What did you think of The Edge of Seventeen? Am I repeating myself?

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