Unnecessary be thy name – Jackie movie review

Jackie follows First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the days following the famous public assassination of her husband (and POTUS), John F. Kennedy.

I think Jackie is like many biopics I’ve seen recently; interesting story but did it need to be a movie?

I love when a film is entertaining and what’s more, I love when that entertainment comes with a purpose or an underlying message. What I don’t like is when the purpose overwrites the entertainment and all we’re left with is the message.


Jackie is so concerned with expressing the message “Jackie Kennedy was a grieving woman” that the entire film is devoted to pushing that message.

By the halfway point, I’d taken in everything the film had to say. So for the latter half, I was just admiring the direction as Jackie continued to drone on the same message.

Natalie Portman’s performance as Jackie is fine. I can certainly see it winning Portman her second Oscar but I wouldn’t entirely agree with it. Like I said, it’s fine.

Jackie definitely has some aspects worth admiring behind the camera but it’s the story we’re told that annoys me, it’s a story that didn’t need to be told.

My reaction to biopics nowadays is similar to my reaction towards sequels and remakes; There are much more interesting stories to be told and they’re original. Go for original.


If there’s a true story out there which needs more attention, requires to be informed in-depth AND you can make it entertaining then yes, make a movie about it. But Jackie spends its entire runtime telling us what a school history report could have in one page.

I wouldn’t suggest rushing out to see Jackie, it is interesting at times but I would honestly rather have seen La La Land again.

What did you think of Jackie? Was this film necessary? Does Portman deserve the Oscar? Should I watch La La Land a third time?

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