Atmospheric spooks galore – Stranger Things season one review

Stranger Things follows a series of strange things (get it?) occurring in the small town of Hawkins, strange things sparked by the disappearance of twelve-year-old Will Byers.

I won’t elaborate on what the “stranger things” are but I’ll just say… 80’s. Think every horror and science fiction film from the 80’s forming an atmosphere wonderful enough to carry even a bad story.


Stranger Things didn’t have me completely hooked when I started watching it. I saw the first episode and thought that it was quite interesting but not as gripping as the hype was making it out to be. Then I watched the next episode and the same reaction occurred: still not living up to the substantial hype but it was more interesting than the previous episode.

Then it took me a couple of weeks without Stranger Things to really muster up the energy to jump back in and as soon as I did, as the hype suggested, I spent every single episode with my eyes fully directed at the screen and yes, even sometimes… with my hand covering my mouth in suspense.


There were definitely some elements in the story I hold minor grudges against and certainly some things I’d change but to specify them, I’d spoil the fun and Stranger Things is a fun show I think you should experience for yourself.

I wouldn’t call the story completely unique –the inspirations are as clear as day– but Stranger Things‘ unique quality isn’t the story itself, it’s the atmosphere the story creates and how it so easily pulls us in.


It’s freaky, it’s oddly funny at times, it’s captivating and it has an atmosphere more unique than the entertaining story it’s created by. Stranger Things is a show I recommend to anyone interested who can stand some horror (it’s not a majority of the show but it takes up a fair bit).

What did you think of the first season of Stranger Things? Are you keen for season two? Can you hear me Will?

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