The film to pull in an anime stranger – Your Name movie review

Your Name follows two different teenagers –Mitsuha (a girl from the country) and Taki (a boy from the city), strangers to each other– who seem to switch lives on random days (they wake up in each other’s bodies).

The concept sounds far-fetched, I know, but really it’s quite… far-fetched. I know.

I can’t explain this concept without it sounding like a Happy Madison script but please believe me, Your Name is an excellent film.

It starts off as light-hearted as you’d expect it to be (they’re helping each other’s lives out and comical banter and “WHAT DID I DO YESTERDAY?!!?!?!?”) but then it perfectly transitions towards it’s serious acts which include… I don’t want to spoil it. I also cannot remember the specifics.

It flowed so well and was paced so perfectly that there were no stand-out scenes or acts.


Your Name starts as entertaining with a hint of “we’re about to delve into the deep” and then it delves into said deep while still holding onto the story we were entertained by, but now, it’s serious.

Did that sentence make much sense? Not really.

Does it prove my point? Not really.

What was my point? That you should give Your Name a chance and watch it.

When it began, I was having doubts about it and was thinking of just switching to another film (I saw it on a plane, it was a smorgasbord of good-looking titles) but as the film progressed, it’s clever blend of the silly, surreal and serious hooked me. It also has some beautiful animation but even without it, I think I’d be pulled in.

I’m not a regular viewer of anime, in fact this is the second anime film that I’ve ever seen but after seeing it, I want to watch more. Much, much more.

What did you think of Your Name? Are you a fan of anime? If so, which film should I watch next?

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2 thoughts on “The film to pull in an anime stranger – Your Name movie review

  1. Makoto Shinkai is an odd director for me. His work is always visually stunning, but often leaves me cold for reasons I struggle to understand.

    I’d seriously recommend looking at the work of Mamoru Hosuda, in particular Summer Wars and Wolf Children.

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