New Zealand, thank you – Hunt for the Wilderpeople movie review

New Zealand, calm down. Your movies are too good at this point. It’s scary.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is the latest film directed and written by Taika Waititi (known for Boy, Eagle vs Shark and What We Do in the Shadows) and it’s fantastic.

Ricky Baker, a child hopping from foster home to foster home, is finally brought to a family he half-likes, where he’ll be raised by “Aunt” Bella (Rima Te Wiata) and “Uncle” Hector (Sam Neill).

He gets lost in the New Zealand bush (or “jungle” as he insists) along with “Uncle” Hector and they must put aside their differences in order to get back home. But getting back home is no longer the objective when a nation-wide manhunt begins to find and separate them. This manhunt includes the welfare officers, general hunters and the military. Yes. Military. Tanks & all.


Hunt for the Wilderpeople is near-perfect. Everything about it is near-perfect. The reason I won’t say completely perfect is because I may not have found a flaw yet but I can feel one’s presence (I sense a minor disturbance in the perfection, Luke…). But if that flaw is there, I don’t want to find it because this movie is just so wonderful.

I’ll start with the two leads, Dennison and Neill (Ricky and Hector; the Wilderpeople), they’re fantastic. Their chemistry, their performances and their characters are all great.

Ricky’s adventurous and spontaneous mind mixed with Hector’s lonely demeanor make them perfect for each other and in that, perfect for the audience. I could go for a whole franchise of these two if it comes with this same banter.

(Please don’t do that. Keep the moment.)

The writing is superb. Hunt for the Wilderpeople balances all of it’s story elements too well. So well in fact that as an aspiring screenwriter, I’m jealous.

There’s a comfort and re-watchability factor present which is quite hard to capture, you either have it or it’s not there and it’s definitely here with Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

Film Review Hunt For The Wilderpeople

I could go on forever about Hunt for the Wilderpeople‘s greatness but I feel that would ruin the experience.

It has great chemistry between the two leads, a superb screenplay, a re-watchability factor which is missing in a lot of modern cinema and most importantly of all it’s just… fun. It’s just funny and fun.

Just watch it. Please.

For Taika.

What did you think of Hunt for the Wilderpeople? Should New Zealand calm down? Or should we let them continue being exceptional in the film industry?

Whatever your thought, leave your comment below, sign up to this blog on the side and don’t forget to follow my Instagram page for foreign versions of movie posters.

(Whenever I watch that trailer, I just want to watch the movie again.)

2 thoughts on “New Zealand, thank you – Hunt for the Wilderpeople movie review

  1. I must admit the trailer in a way made me think this might be a bit too ‘cutesy’, although I knew it had so much going for it as you’ve pointed out Tim. And Rhys Darby as well! It is showing on Foxtel Premiere on 21 January, looking forward to watching it.

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