Red Dog Lite – Red Dog: True Blue movie review

Red Dog: True Blue is the prequel to Red Dog, the Australian film that could, which brought tears to the eyes of nearly everyone who saw it, including me. That’s right, it’s one of the big three (films which brought me tears).

If you haven’t seen Red Dog, then I don’t know whether or not to recommend True Blue to you. I definitely recommend the first one though so go watch Red Dog, then come back, read this review and decide whether or not you want to watch True Blue.

Red Dog: True Blue tries to recapture Red Dog with a slightly different story but the same intended effect, albeit not as effective. It’s Red Dog Lite.

Red Dog was the Aussiewood version of the Western Australian legend known as Red Dog, a canine pal who brought the whole town of Dampier together through his best-friend reputation and cheeky demeanor.

Red Dog Lite takes us back to Red Dog’s pup days and his first owner, Mick Carter (Levi Miller), a kid living with his grandad (Bryan Brown) after his mother has just been committed to some sort of health institute? It isn’t quite made clear. She’s not “gone”, they just make it sound like she was sent to Arkham Asylum.

As I was saying, Red Dog Lite tries to recapture Red Dog albeit not as successfully.


I found the first Red Dog very accessible. I loved Red. I loved the people around Red. I laughed and yes, most famously, I cried.

I found Red Dog Lite a little less accessible. I didn’t see that much of Red (who was apparently called Blue). I just liked the people around Red. I laughed a few times and not really famously, I almost thought about crying for a couple of seconds.

Despite their being a few linking elements between Red Dog Lite and Red Dog, it doesn’t really feel like it’s about Red Dog. I’m not questioning it’s authenticity, I’m just saying the film was about Mick, Red’s owner, not Red.

Apart from that, it can be a pretty enjoyable family film if you really succumb to it.

Red Dog Lite may not be as tear-jerking, inviting or entertaining as its fully-flavoured predecessor but if you liked Red Dog and you want to watch this, watch it. I wouldn’t go out of my way though.

What did you think of Red Dog: True Blue? Did you prefer it to the original? Did I meet Bryan Brown in person? Yes I did? He’s really nice?

Whatever your thought, leave your comment below, sign up to this blog on the side and don’t forget to follow my Instagram page for foreign versions of movie posters.


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