Now I want a Big Mac – The Founder movie review

The Founder follows the true story of Ray Kroc, the man who “found” McDonald’s.

Ray starts as a struggling salesman who stumbles upon the McDonald’s brothers who have contacted him in the hopes of buying nine milkshake machines for one store. Ray is stunned by their fast-food operation and decides that it must be franchised. The film takes us through how Kroc took a small business and turned it into a big one but also how the McDonald’s brothers had their big idea taken away from them.

For the most part, I enjoyed The Founder. It’s story may not sound so interesting on paper but this screenplay makes it quite interesting to watch.


What’s most interesting about it though is that the protagonist (Ray Kroc) doesn’t always remain sympathetic. You can see why he does the things he does but as the film progresses, he becomes less of a hero and more of a… am I allowed to say villain? I wouldn’t exactly call him evil but by the credits, I wasn’t a fan.

In fact by the credits, I felt that the film was both sponsored by and unauthorised by Maccas. The portrayal of Kroc made me look down on McDonald’s corporate standards but the scenes in which we see food preparation at the original Maccas made me hungry for a Big Mac…

…and yes, afterwards, I bought a Big Mac. Sue me.

Michael Keaton’s performance is great. I wouldn’t say best performance of the year but if he was nominated for a Golden Globe, I’d approve. Also commendable are the performances of Laura Dern, John Carroll Lynch and the usually comedic Nick Offerman.


The film could had been improved but the advice I’d give the most; pick a better subject. The Founder was definitely interesting and it had some entertaining moments but there are so many better stories out there than a guy who made money off two other people’s ideas.

I’d say go see it if you’re interested but don’t go out of your way. Also if you do see it, be prepared to go to Maccas after. You’ll want to.

What did you think of The Founder? Would Colonel Sanders’ story be more interesting? Is The Colonel a good name for it? Actually that’s pretty good, I’m gonna write that down…

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