A headache I’d be glad to have again – La La Land movie review

La La Land is the latest and greatest from Damien Chazelle, a director I hope we’ll be seeing a lot of in the coming years.

It follows Mia (Emma Stone), a struggling actress who finds nothing but rejections and frustrating auditions who falls in love with Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a jazz-fanatic with hopes of owning his own club after being fired from another.

The two handle a romance while at the same time trying to handle their dreams, which may be compromising each other…

…and did I mention it’s a musical?

It’s also a very heavy romance so if you feel you’ll cringe at romance-y stuff, avoid La La Land like the plague.

La La Land is tipped for the Oscars and has 7 Golden Globe nominations so yeah I guess you could say the critics don’t like it. In fact they hate it so much, it has a 93% approval rating on RT.

LLL d 12 _2353.NEF

I think all the of the elements in La La Land are being executed almost perfectly. However I feel it faults from being so well-executed ALL the time. For some, this may be a big fat positive but since I saw this with a cold (bad idea), I found it a little too much at times.

The very first scene is a dance number (Oh my god! Spoiler! A musical with a dance number!) which had such vibrant colour, pumping energy and loud music that before the title credit had even popped up, I had a headache. I really enjoyed the dance number but the headache was there nonetheless.

I was already hoping that the movie would give me a break even though it hadn’t even technically started yet but there’s only a few breaks throughout the entire film. It keeps your attention and the ears/eyes ringing, sure, but it also meant that by the end of La La Land, I was aching for a Nurofen (not sponsored).

Damien Chazelle, your script is fabulous but please, pacing is a good thing.

Apart from the need for more breathing space, La La Land is excellent.


Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are both excellent and deserve awards. Don’t care which ones, just give it to them.

The direction is near-perfect, the sound is magnificent (perhaps too magnificent) and every shot feels like a cinematographer’s wet dream.

It’s definitely worth watching and I may even watch La La Land again which I don’t do that often. However I’d wait till this cold blows over and I recommend the same to anyone else keen to see it. But if you’re absolutely busting to watch it, bring Nurofen (again, not sponsored).

What did you think of La La Land?

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