“Fill in the ending” is not my cup of iced tea but one half of the film is – Nocturnal Animals movie review


Did that get your attention? If so, then Nocturnal Animals will get your attention the exact same way albeit a little more uncomfortable and a lot more stylish.

Nocturnal Animals is directed by Tom Ford and it follows two stories; one in Amy Adams’ character’s world and one within the novel she’s reading, a revenge thriller she believes may be written with her in mind…

When a film is directed by the creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, you can tell that that film is going to be stylish and Nocturnal Animals just oozes style. From the beautifully haunting cinematography to the hypnotic and welcoming score, this film has exceptional style in the best ways possible.

It also has an issue which I have never come across before. Because the film follows two different relative stories (one in the real world, one in a novel), it is not told chronologically rather than it jumps between the stories which themselves aren’t completely linear. This could have worked fabulously but for me, it did not.


The story within Adams’ character’s world was interesting and it’s connection to the novel is intriguing as well but whenever we were brought back into the story of the novel, I felt angry (in a good way), on the edge of my seat (in a good way) and rooting for murder (in a… good way?).

Both stories had quality but only one was outstanding (the one within the novel) and the fact that there was such a large jump in quality between the stories slightly disconnected me from the film.

There was also the issue of the ending. Like many films this year and many more to come, the ending is “open for discussion” which to me, most of the time, sounds like “we couldn’t think of how to end it”. Like Monty Python and the Holy Grail albeit not as absurd.

But other than that, the film is quite commendable.


Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson all turn in great performances, especially Gyllenhaal for pulling off multiple characters very well and Taylor-Johnson for sparking hatred within me. Amy Adams’ performance isn’t a touch on what she gave in Arrival but it is still okay.

I may not be a fan of when the writer wants you to do the work yourself but some people definitely are and if you are one of those people who likes to discuss the meaning of a film, you should watch Nocturnal Animals. You should also watch it if you are studying design because the style is just magnificent.

What did you think of Nocturnal Animals? Have you read the book it’s based on? Why does Gucci make movies now?

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2 thoughts on ““Fill in the ending” is not my cup of iced tea but one half of the film is – Nocturnal Animals movie review

  1. Hey Tim

    Just thought I’d tell you that I can’t open your page from the link – though it works if I use the URL at the bottom. Same thing happened with the previous review. Not sure why?

    Anyway, keep the reviews coming – I was really glad I saw Nocturnal Animals, but it was a challenging film.

    Regards Julie

    Sent from Surface


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