Office Christmas Party (2016) – movie review


Office Christmas Party is a film about an office Christmas party. Didn’t see that one comin’ did ya?

A branch of a tech company is threatened to close when newly appointed CEO (Jennifer Aniston) wants to get back at her brother Clay (T.J. Miller), the head of the branch. Jason Bateman stars as Josh whom with the help of his best friend Clay and his love interest Tracey (Olivia Munn), must save the company from being closed.

Somehow they decide their plan to save the company is by throwing the most “epic” Christmas party in the world. This results in midnight romances, bathroom fornications, broken bones, 3D printed genitals, a car chase and an over-crowd of subplots.

HOLLYWOOD, yeah I’m talking to you, just because your movie is set in an office building doesn’t mean every single character needs a subplot. Also, ask Mel Brooks if he can start directing again, thank you.

Office Christmas Party has many flaws when you look for them however when you don’t look for them… they still make themselves clear BUT WHEN YOU IGNORE THEM ENTIRELY… Office Christmas Party is easy to watch and has a few funny moments.


Kate McKinnon is most definitely the star player here delivering a laugh almost every time she opens her mouth. Every other performance though sadly doesn’t work as I didn’t see characters, only actors.

If you watch the trailer and think “that looks good” then chances are you’ll enjoy the movie but if you watch the trailer and think “that’s just no” you may still find a level of enjoyment, I know I did, especially toward the end. It’s not a fantastic level of enjoyment but it is a level of enjoyment.

What did you think of Office Christmas Party? Has your office ever had a Christmas party? Were there 3D printed genitals as depicted in this masterpiece?

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