Moana (2016) – movie review


Moana is the latest Disney chief’s daughter (princess) flick about Moana, a Polynesian girl who urges to voyage the sea which calls to her (literally) and who is finally given a reason to leave; to lift a curse which is plaguing the entire ocean with the help of a demigod. No pressure.

Moana is a film which doesn’t take much effort to watch however you’ll still enjoy it.

The movie is marketed mostly towards children but most outside of that market will still be able to enjoy this. For example; I enjoyed it. My friend enjoyed it. The parents around me who were dragged by their children enjoyed it and from the sound of it, their children enjoyed it.

On the production side of things, this film is how I like my burgers; well done.

The animation is clearer than Zootopia and easier to look at than Frozen.

The voice acting is great because I only recognised one of the voices and no, it wasn’t Dwayne the Dwayne Dwayneson, it was Jango Fett as Moana’s dad.

The pacing is good, the story is fun, the songs are great and Moana is a well-written protagonist.


But where Moana succeeds greatly without drawing full attention (not many will notice but it is most certainly there) is it’s separation from the generic Disney Princess formula.

Disney Princess: Is a princess and must find a man to solve problems.

Moana: Is the chief’s daughter on an island of approximately 12 and… no love story to be found (quite a rarity you may find).

Moana is an easy-to-watch, easy-to-enjoy film with great songs, clear and un-clustered animation, good voice acting, a well-paced script and no love story.

The kids will love it! The teenagers will really like it! The adults will like it! The elders will be indifferent about it! There are no more demographics! Exclamation mark!

What did you think of Moana? Were you indifferent about it? Do you prefer this over the generic formula?

Whatever your thought, leave your comment below, sign up to this blog on the side and don’t forget to follow my Instagram page for foreign versions of movie posters.


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