74th Annual Golden Globe Nominations – The surprising anti-hero

The nominations for the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards have just been announced and you can find the nominees for every single category in the following link;


As you will see, the expected films are nominated in almost every category. This year, the “expected films” are Moonlight (which won’t be released in Aus till January), Manchester by the Sea (which won’t be released in Aus till the same day as Moonlight) and La La Land (thank god it’s actually released here in the same year that America gets it).


There are also other expected films being nominated such as Mel Gibson’s war drama Hacksaw Ridge, the Australian-Indian-American production Lion, the excellent Hell or High Water, the Meryl Streep comedy Florence Foster Jenkins and… Deadpool?

Yeah, Deadpool, a film which many critics described as “too low-brow” is being nominated¬†for two awards; one for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy or Musical (for Ryan Reynolds) and one for Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical.

I am typing this with a huge smile on my face. Believe it or not, I can smile.

Deadpool is nominated in it’s category alongside Florence Foster Jenkins, La La Land, Sing Street and 20th Century Women. It’s obvious that La La Land is going to win so I guess they could’ve put Office Christmas Party in the same spot as Deadpool and nothing would change but I still feel proud for this nomination. I had nothing to do with the production of Deadpool but proud, I still feel.

A film like Deadpool would never be nominated at the Oscars but it was nominated here, to push one of the reasons why I love the Golden Globes much more than the Oscars; they’re more fun.


The Oscars are supposedly more “prestigious” and “eloquent”¬†and that may be all fine and dandy but how many comedies have you seen win Best Picture? HMM? That’s right. Only a few… I think… I actually can’t remember any.

The Oscars are voted for by those with a preferred taste for dramas and films written for the dramatic which is quite a large market. However the Golden Globes got it just right with it’s two separate categories; the pessimistic (drama) and the optimistic (comedy or musical).

The drama category may not always be about pessimism and the musical may not always be about optimism so I may be stretching here, but if you asked a pessimist to choose between Manchester by the Sea and La La Land, which one would they pick?

I’ve gone on a tangent here so I’ll stop. The basic message of this is;

The Oscars = The accomplished and sophisticated man whose kids think he’s no fun.

The Golden Globes = The cooler uncle who pops by every summer with lollies and water-guns.

What do you think about Deadpool being nominated for a mini-Oscar?

Whatever your thought, leave your comment below, sign up to this blog on the side and don’t forget to follow my Instagram page for foreign versions of movie posters.


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