Gimme Danger (2016) – movie review


Gimme Danger is a rockumentary helmed by indie legend Jim Jarmusch centered around the infamous punk band Iggy and the Stooges, from their formation in 1969 all the way to their breakup in 1974.

Gimme Danger is quite possibly the only film I’ve ever seen without a distinguishable good or bad quality. It’s the epitome of not bad, not good.

Documentaries can do a number of good things. They can educate, entertain, instruct, represent or simply capture a great moment if a camera is rolling at the right time. For me, Gimme Danger did not achieve any of these potential aspects.

I went into the cinema not knowing anything about The Stooges and then left the cinema with the same information. The only foreign knowledge I left the cinema with was that Iggy Pop is a man who wears tights and a dog collar on stage.

I think I remember perhaps laughing at a few funny moments but they weren’t funny enough for me to now remember what I was actually laughing at.

The Stooges In the Studio

Don’t see this as a negative review. It’s not a positive review, neither is it a negative one.

I simply couldn’t find anything in this film to like or dislike. Gimme Danger didn’t leave any impression on me other than the impression that I didn’t receive an impression.

If you’re a fan, I assume you’ll enjoy this as I (who has never heard a single song from the band) didn’t find anything to dislike. I didn’t find much to like, but I didn’t find anything to dislike either.

What did you think of Gimme Danger? Have you ever seen a film which gave you the perfect impression of meh? Do you like Iggy and the Stooges? Is Alice Cooper better? Yes. He is.

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