The Stanley Parable Demo (2013) – game review


You may find it odd that the first video game I review is not a full game, it’s just a demo but woah boy… this is not just one level of your standard video game…

The Stanley Parable (a full game I shall review later) is a narrative-based indie game about choice or better the lack thereof as a narrator dictates everything you do and as the game progresses, everything you think. Every choice you make makes you feel that you are in power but the narrator continuously proves that you are not. The demo does not include anything from this game.

The Stanley Parable Demo is its own standalone project keeping in the same tone as the full Stanley Parable but instead of you playing as Stanley, you play as you, the player, being guided through the game’s development facility by the narrator himself.

The full game is more about the wondrous feeling of exploration as you repeatedly either follow the directions of the narrator or go against them to trigger an alternate ending. This demo only has one end; the beginning of the actual game. So this is sort of the prequel to The Stanley Parable.


The demo does not have anywhere near as much choice as the full Stanley Parable but it does still include the effect which I call ‘the Stanley effect’.

‘the Stanley effect’

Thinking you know how life will unfold, only to have Kevan Brighting divert your expectation and instead force you to laugh.

The demo is mostly linear yet it feels so free.

I can’t tell you more about the game because I don’t want to spoil it, it truly is worth experiencing for yourself and best of all, this demo is free.

Playing this will give you one of two experiences;

a) You will think you know what’s going to happen, but you will be surprised, and then you’ll probably laugh and admire the game.

b) You will not expect anything and find a clever, funny, innovative and beautiful game demonstration.

It really does not have any other gameplay than walking around and occasionally pressing a button but somehow, I felt more involved than I have almost any other video game.

Kevan Brighting’s voice work as the narrator is impeccable, the narrative is designed so brilliantly that I think Christopher Nolan should direct the film adaptation, the world looks so simple yet it feels so other-worldly and you should go download it right now (it’s completely free because it’s just the demo but I shall be reviewing the full paid game sometime soon).

And now I leave you with a quote from the narrator to the player;

“You went into both booths? Ooh, how vulnerable of you. If at any point during the demo you need to cry, just let me know and we can take a minute.”

-The Narrator (Kevan Brighting)

What did you think of The Stanley Parable Demo? Should more games be like The Stanley Parable? You went into both booths?

Whatever your thought, leave your comment at the top and don’t forget to sign up to this blog on the side and follow my Instagram page for foreign versions of movie posters.


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