The Red Turtle (2016) – movie review


The Red Turtle is a film by the acclaimed Studio Ghibli –responsible for such animated classics as Spirited Away, Ponyo, The Wind Rises, etc. None of which I have seen– and follows a nameless man who is stranded on an island. This man continuously attempts to leave the island yet his attempts are futile, as a large red turtle refuses to let him leave.

The story detours far from that path and because so, I shan’t progress in telling you about it.

The concept sounds simple and the film’s story is relatively simple as well, however there is one turning point near the end of the first act and at the end of the film which require an explanation, an explanation I cannot give you as I’m still struggling to comprehend what the bloody hell happened.

Apart from that, The Red Turtle is simply solid in all aspects.


The animation of the land, water and sky is simply beautiful in that it does not have extraneous detail, but it is still gorgeous to look at.

The story which follows the bizarre turning point is simple in mood, moral and pace as it wasn’t that impacting yet it wasn’t boring either.

The Red Turtle isn’t incredible food for thought but it did keep me interested enough from the beginning to the end (forgetting the bizarre turning point) and the animation was crisp and colourful so that was a good reason to keep watching. Also the fact that it could keep me invested without a single line of dialogue (yes, not a single word) was neat.

What did you think of The Red Turtle? Have you ever been stranded on an island?

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