The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years (2016) – movie review


The Beatles: Eight Days a Week is a documentary from the director of The Grinch –he also did some other good ones but The Grinch is a seminal masterpiece– following the many adventures of a relatively unknown band from Liverpool known as The Beatles. You should check out their stuff, it’s fairly decent.

Sarcasm aside, it’s safe to say that The Beatles were the greatest band to ever exist not just for their phenomenally long list of great tracks, but for their cultural impact during the touring years, the years that this film points its magnifying glass towards.

Many have attempted to tell the story of The Beatles from an outside perspective; the fans looking up at the balcony. But Eight Days a Week gives us the inside perspective; the mop-top-wielding Liverpudlian looking down at the thousands of screaming fangirls ripping their hair out over Ringo’s sneeze.

As a devoted Beatles fan and avid reader of the lesser-known fact, much of this documentary was simply giving me information about the Fab Four I’d already known but there was still much enjoyment to be had.

The fast and various techniques of editing employed in this doco make it a refreshing and easily accessible insight into one of the most unique bands in the world even though the film itself may not be that unique.


I didn’t leave the cinema feeling I’d seen one of the best documentaries I’d ever seen but I did leave feeling like I’d seen a really entertaining documentary about one of the most interesting subjects I’ve ever known.

Earlier I stated that this film is told entirely from an inside perspective looking out but that isn’t entirely true. There is a slight disconnect between the perspective of the film and that was one small thing that bugged me but I’m very nit-picky like that.

However don’t let my programmed pessimism put you off watching Eight Days a Week. All Beatles observers from die-hard fans to casual listeners will find some level of good entertainment in this film with it’s great editing, large caché of backstage Beatles footage and remastered concert tapes. Eight Days a Week is definitely worth watching if you enjoy music documentaries or The Beatles in general.

The currently playing cinema version also comes with 30 minutes of the legendary Shea Stadium concert after the credits as its own bonus concert film (in case you weren’t already persuaded).

What did you think of The Beatles: Eight Days a Week? Were you a survivor of Beatlemania? Have you ever thought of moving to Liverpool?

Whatever your thought, leave your comment at the top and don’t forget to follow my Instagram page for foreign versions of movie posters.


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