My Scientology Movie (2016) – movie review


My Scientology Movie is not a movie made by the author of this review. The title makes it difficult to comment so instead, I shall call it Theroux’s Scientology Movie to avoid confusion.

Theroux’s Scientology Movie is a documentary written and presented by Louis Theroux, who attempts to piece together the secrets of what happens inside the Church of Scientology with the help of ex-Scientologist Mark Rathbun, who was one of the highest ranking members of the church prior to his departure.

Louis originally intended to make a documentary about Scientology from within the church itself but the church refused to aid him in this goal so instead, with the help of Rathbun, Theroux attempts to reconstruct events from the church with actors portraying the real people. All of this is (unsurprisingly) under the constant surveillance of the church.

Whilst discovering more and more about the church, Theroux discovers more and more about his partner in this endeavour, Mark Rathbun. And as the information piles up, tensions build between Louis and Mark…

Sounds like a lot for a documentary but its large amount of content make for a wonderfully entertaining film in many ways.


The Church of Scientology is shrouded in mystery and nearly universally frowned upon, mainly thanks to the stories told by those who have left the church. But even though Scientology is a dark subject, the film manages to be quite hilarious.

My Scientology Movie is also astonishing and frightening, thanks to the subject matter and the information slowly revealed not only through recounts from past members, but also from first-hand footage shot during this documentary.

We get to experience being surveilled by members of the church and we get to experience being thrown off the property. And it’s bloody hysterical.

I laughed. I was shocked. I was informed. My Scientology Movie ticked all of the boxes of a good documentary. It’s currently in very limited release so if it’s playing at a cinema near you, watch it.

What did you think of My Scientology Movie? Have you ever considered becoming a scientologist? Are you already a scientologist? How do I join?

Whatever your thoughts, leave your comment at the top and don’t forget to follow my Instagram page for foreign versions of movie posters.


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