Maggie’s Plan (2016) – movie review


Maggie’s Plan is a romantic comedy set in New York. The film follows Maggie, played by Greta Gerwig, as she falls in love with a married man, marries that married man and then plans to remarry that man to his ex-wife.

This movie is very reminiscent of Woody Allen’s work in its tone (light), watchability (light) and execution (light?).

Maggie’s Plan isn’t strong in the way of fancy directing techniques and powerhouse cinematography but it is strong in the way of light, romantic, comedy storytelling.

I entered the cinema hoping that I was in for an easy experience and I what I watched was one of the easiest imaginable. The screenwriter might’ve put conflict into the script but I didn’t feel it at all, which wasn’t a problem because I was still entertained. Maggie’s Plan has more moments of laughter than it does drama.

One of the things I like most about Woody Allen’s early work is his love for New York City, a city that I’ve always been fascinated with and Maggie’s Plan is set in one of the most comfortable parts of New York that I’ve ever seen on screen (I’ve never been to New York).

Another aspect which compares Maggie’s Plan to Woody Allen’s work is the quirky characters and their great performances.

Greta Gerwig’s role is a great example of how to write a simple yet relatable rom-com protagonist (educated and slightly socially awkward) and Gerwig plays that role brilliantly.

Ethan Hawke is also brilliant, portraying Ethan Hawke very well. He didn’t need to do much to perfect the role, he just needed to move with a hint of stress in his body movement.

Julianne Moore stole every scene she was in, embodying a hilarious character with an amusing voice and great snobbery perfectly.

Reminiscent of Woody Allen in many ways, the comfortable New York setting, quirky characters, great performances and conflict-lacking story make for a movie with some a lot of funny moments. Maggie’s Plan is a very light watch.

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