On Richard’s Side (2016) – movie review

on richard's side

On Richard’s Side is the third film in a trilogy of documentaries which follow Richard, a 34 year-old man born with a severe intellectual disability. This Perth-based production was shot over three decades and focuses on Richard’s parents and the friends who have helped to look after Richard.

On Richard’s Side is a very delicate film to discuss. The subject matter is serious and real. This documentary is one of the most confronting films I’ve ever seen. There were plenty of tears in the audience in the screening I attended, which was also the world premiere.

While watching this film, we experience the frustration and exhaustion of Richard’s mother as she creates the most dignified life for Richard that she possibly can.

This film shows a lot of pain and suffering but it also shows the great patience and love that a parent can have for their child. This documentary gives us a glimmer of hope for our society. We come to believe that there will always be people who care and remain hopeful and kind in the most hopeless of situations.

I would struggle to watch On Richard’s Side again but it is an important film and one of the most confronting that I’ve ever seen.

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