Mustang (2015) – movie review


Mustang is a Turkish film set in a remote Turkish village in the present day, following five teenage sisters in a society so conservative, they are forbidden from experiencing the joys of growing up.

Before going into this movie, all I knew about it was that it was nominated for Best Foreign Film at this year’s Academy Awards and that it was Turkish.

I may not be able to relate to this film on a personal level, but I do think that it was an incredible film.

Not a single actor in this film looked familiar to me, so it made it a lot easier for Mustang to feel believable. The actors all put in great performances as well, especially Güneş Şensoy who played Lale, the youngest of the sisters who is also the main character.

Mustang is an emotional roller-coaster. The characters in the film go through great change and every scene seemed frighteningly realistic.

So if you like going to the cinema to be immersed in great drama or if you’re a fan of most foreign cinema, you’ll love Mustang. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking and satisfying film, then you’ll definitely find Mustang a rewarding experience.

I went into Mustang without knowing a lot about the film, but I left feeling morally and intellectually rewarded. However I wouldn’t watch Mustang again. The frightening and very believable portrayal of the oppression that happens in many young women’s lives was too much for me.

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4 thoughts on “Mustang (2015) – movie review

  1. I saw this in Sydney recently and found it to be a “profoundly political statement and a poetically beautiful story about femininity and feminism” (see my review). It also ends with real optimism and hope for Turkey and its oppressed women.


      1. Easy to miss, but the search for their teacher is actually a metaphor for the role of education in the liberation of oppressed women in countries like Turkey.


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