Sydney Film Festival 2016 Program + What to See

Last year was the first time I’d ever seen anything that was part of the Sydney Film Festival (two movies; Slow West and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) and looking back at the program and the short distance between the cinemas, I wish I’d seen more. Well this year, I’m planning to.

The full program was just released for the 2016 Sydney Film Festival and it included many big titles including The BFG, Ice Age: Collision Course and Everybody Wants Some!!. The program also includes hundreds of indie movies, many surrounded by positive buzz. 

I have had a look at the full program and have selected films (screening on weekends for I am still in school) that appeal to me and that I recommend thinking about seeing. I can’t actually recommend anything I haven’t seen because… I haven’t seen it.

Janis: Little Girl Blue

I am not a particular fan of Janis Joplin and I’m not at all familiar with her discography (not a single song) but I do know that her brief career and short life took place in the same L.A. setting as my favourite band of all time, Alice Cooper. It’s very hard for a documentary to disappoint, so I’m assuming that Janis: Little Girl Blue will be enjoyable or at least interesting.

Elvis & Nixon

Elvis & Nixon is a comedy about a legendary 1970 meeting in the prestigious White House between the two titular American icons, rockstar Elvis Presley and president Richard Nixon. Michael Shannon portrays the rockstar and Kevin Spacey, king of the acting masses, portrays the president.

These two A-grade acting talents in a movie that looks like it will have zero conflict whatsoever sounds like it may have some flaws, but it also sounds like it will be enjoyable.


The trailer for High-Rise greatly reminds me of Snowpiercer, an action/drama tale set in an inanimate object serving as a metaphor for the hierarchy of humanity.

Translation: Snowpiercer was about the class system that emerged on a very long train which held the last survivors of a chemical warfare. The further toward the front of the train, the more wealthy and comfortable you were. High-Rise seems to be about a class system that emerges from a very tall building. Those higher up will be wealthier and therefore be more comfortable.

I’m not entirely sure if this the actual plot of the film but that’s what I pulled from the trailer. Tom Hiddleston is a great and quite underrated actor and I’m looking forward to seeing him in this.

Everybody Wants Some!!

I didn’t care too much for Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused as I felt no connection to the characters and also didn’t laugh once. It was marketed as a comedy yet I couldn’t find any.

However the trailer for Everybody Wants Some!! did make me laugh and it’s 80s background, potential for a great soundtrack and the fact that Linklater’s last movie was a genuine masterpiece made me put this movie as a must-watch on my watchlist.

Sing Street

I saw the poster for Sing Street along with a caption that said “Sing Street is Ireland’s This Is England” so I assumed that it would be very gritty, personal and confronting. Then I saw the trailer and found that it was PG and about a boy forming a band to impress a girl. Huh.

I think it’s high time we started getting more mainstream movies from Ireland and maybe this will be the one to start a movement or something. Probably not. But it looks like it’ll be good anyway.

Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man is getting slammed by a couple of critics for being “nothing but fart jokes” whereas I would like to think of it as “not enough fart jokes” because you really can’t have enough.

The concept sounds entertaining, the trailer looks entertaining, the two lead actors are both actors whom I’d been wishing to see more of (specifically Daniel Radcliffe as he is still mostly thought of by most as just Harry Potter) and overall the movie looks uplifting. So I don’t see a reason not to watch it.

I would very much like to see Demolition and Spielberg’s latest film The BFG however due to circumstances I cannot control, I shan’t.

Those are my picks for movies I shall be hoping to view during this year’s Sydney Film Festival. Do any appeal to you? Leave your comment on the side and don’t forget to follow my Instagram page for movie posters.


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