And Then There Were None (2015) – series review

and then there were none

Due to a lack of recently viewed films to review and the undeniable presence of a recently viewed Agatha Christie adaptation, I shall be reviewing a mini-series. The 3-part serial adaptation of And Then There Were None to be exact.

And Then There Were None is based on an Agatha Christie novel of a different and slightly racist name. It follows 8 strangers who have all been invited to a party on an island by a Mr. U.N. Owen who still has 2 servants on the island yet won’t show his presence. Tensions begin to rise between the 10 strangers as they mysteriously begin to be killed one by one, with the deaths resembling those that are described within a poem hung on the wall of the dining room.

I had never read Agatha Christie’s critically acclaimed novel and I have also never seen any adaptation of the story so all of the secrets and plot twists were complete surprises to me. I have to mention this as it is an incredible part of the mini-series however if you have read the novel or seen a previous adaptation, you will already know the answers to the secrets that lie beyond the mansion doors so the story won’t be a big plus for you.

However, if you already know everything that happens in And Then There Were None, I would still strongly recommend watching this adaptation as it has a lot to offer.

The entire series is surrounded by an eerie and troubling soundtrack which resembles that of 20 wasps vigorously attempting to re-invent Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

The series also manages to boast a fantastic cast which includes the likes of Sam Neill, Charles Dance, Miranda Richardson, Aidan Turner, Noah Taylor, Maeve Dermody and the ever-so underrated Burn Gorman.

Every actor gives a great performance and they all somehow managed to make their performances add to the mystery, although I don’t know how that’s possible (I’m still trying to figure it out).

And Then There Were None is also shot very nicely. From the close-ups of the actors, to the wide shots of the rooms, to the mystery shots of burnt candles to the extra-wide shots of the island (of which there are many), there is always good cinematography to observe and great use of colour to assist with being immersed in the terrifying atmosphere.

If you don’t know the story already, And Then There Were None is a terrifyingly suspenseful and mysterious series that will leave you guessing constantly and even if you do know the story, the series still boasts great direction, a brilliant cast, beautiful and mysterious cinematography and an incredibly nerving soundtrack.

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