Hot Fuzz (2007) – movie review


I have spoken at length about my adoration for Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy because they are the greatest films ever made. That’s a fact. Maybe it’s an opinion but I’d like to think it’s a fact.

I’ve written a multi-review post where I wrote about all three films in the trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End) and after that, I wrote an individual post for Shaun of the Dead. When I wrote that post, I knew that at some point I was going to write individual reviews for all three films but I only ever wrote on for Shaun but now, here comes the Fuzz.

Hot Fuzz is a British action-comedy following Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg), a police officer from London who is exceptional at his job, so exceptional that he’s been transferred to a country town with a near-perfect crime rate to stop making the London police force “look bad”.

Once transferred, Nicholas discovers that the town may not be as peaceful and innocent as its “rustic aesthetic” presents it to be, digging deeper into the case with his new friend, Danny Butterman (Nick Frost).

I have no qualms with Hot Fuzz. Not one. Only love and many reasons for it.

The screenplay for Hot Fuzz is just incredible. The story was all written with an image in mind, the image of Michael Bay directing an action film set in the English countryside, and the film that is born from that image is as beautiful as its concept.

Edgar Wright is known for his attention to detail in every single aspect of a film and it completely shows in Hot Fuzz. There are some insanely well-detailed aspects of the story that I only picked up on on the third viewing, details that never took away from the film, details that only add to the film’s watchability and quality.

As well as the jokes that only present themselves through attention to detail, this film is hilarious without a magnifying eye. This film is such a perfect mix of comedy and action that I don’t remember a moment where I wasn’t either thrilled or laughing.

Simon Pegg’s performance as Nicholas Angel is brilliant. This film required Pegg to be as serious and action-movie-esque as possible and he was. Simon Pegg is probably the only actor I can envision playing a character that isn’t silly or serious but he is serious in a silly way. Except maybe Leslie Nielsen.

Nick Frost is also great as Danny Butterman. The simple-minded sidekick with a big heart and a lot of enthusiasm may sound like a cliché character but it feels like Frost brought something new to it and he probably did (I just can’t find it).

Edgar Wright is one of the few directors today who is using film editing and sound editing to its full potential and again, it shows in Hot Fuzz. Hot Fuzz looks, sounds and feels more epic than something from Michael Bay or any other modern action director. This shows in the recurring joke where action editing and intense music is used to present a scene of someone doing paperwork. For me, that’s just brilliant.

Even when I attempt to push my fanboy-isms to the side, Hot Fuzz is still an incredible film with its brilliant directing, great attention to detail in writing, perfectly fitting performances, fast editing and many, many funny moments.

Hot Fuzz is as intelligent as it is entertaining, and it is pretty bloody entertaining.

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