John Wick (2014) – movie review


John Wick follows an ex-hitman who leaps out of retirement called John Wick as he plows through (what seems like) millions of henchmen to get through to the man who killed his beloved puppy. Why? Stone. Cold. Canine. Revenge.

John Wick exceeds in a couple of fields but it mostly fails (for me) as an action film and as a film in general.

For one thing, John Wick has some great cinematography. The entire colour scheme in this film consists of green and dark variations on the colours green and it works beautifully. To me, it gives a sort of snake vibe to the whole situation which is really nice.

Another thing I like in this film is the performance of Keanu Reeves as the titular ex-hitman. The character didn’t require a lot of depth but what he did require was a slick, macho physique, a badass raspy voice and the eyes of pure vengeance. Keanu Reeves brought all of these to the role swimmingly.

Something that I liked and disliked about this film was its fight scenes. What I liked was that the fight scenes move incredibly and they are very well choreographed. However, what I didn’t like about these were that the fight scenes all end with Wick in no pain or different state whatsoever.

Action movies (and most movies in general) should have a goal and an obstacle(s) for the protagonist to conquer in order to get to that goal. Action movies are more tense and exciting when the obstacle is greater than the protagonist but John Wick seems to be able to plow through every single human being with a gun with ease.

Also the first half of this movie is made up entirely of characters telling the guy who killed Wick’s dog how skilled John Wick is. We see people hype up John Wick’s skills and then we see him kill people with ease. It’s basically a joke with no punchline. Two guys get on an airplane and get off when it lands.

It would have been a lot better if someone else’s life was in danger or if John Wick was slowly dying and he really needed to get to the goal in a short time space but no. No danger. Do real obstacle. Just a lot of targets for Neo to demolish on his way to victory.

Centered around the same problem as Lucy, John Wick suffers greatly from the fact that Wick is damn near invincible until the final scene (not saying he dies, just saying he’s vulnerable at the end) but there is some very nice colour scheming and a great performance from Reeves.

Also just want to shine a little light on a great quote from the film;

“John Wick isn’t the boogeyman… he’s the guy you send to kill the f*cking boogeyman”.

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