Watermelone – attempts at filmmaking

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 11.22.43 pm

Sharing an amateur short film from my YouTube channel on my blog with the video itself embedded at the bottom. Sounds like a shameless self-plug right there. And it is. But I’m writing about it for one reason in two words; “Artistic Interference”.

All you need to know about the film is that it’s a short action-comedy-pile-of-smashed-memes-and-broken-dreams about a boy in love with his oversized fruit (a watermelon) and his quest for revenge when that fruit is taken by bullies.

The video is bad. It’s horrible. It’s grotesque. But the reason we made it was because of three school-related reasons;

a) We were forced to make a project of some kind for an “educational” reason beyond my intellectual capabilities.

b) There was a nearing school “Film Fest” where the prize was an iTunes card (I think).

c) Two birds with one stone.

After we had finished editing it, we were mostly embarrassed with the monstrosity we had created. But we still entered it into that school “Film Fest” because the world is a crumbling ruin and we must not conform to its commercialist expectations. And we wanted that iTunes card. Or movie ticket. I still can’t remember what the prize was.

And for some reason… without our knowledge… it was edited down to nearly half of its original runtime of seven minutes before it was shown.

I know that it was bad and that no one was going to miss those lost three minutes but we still thought it was completely unfair. It was a competition based on quality and opinion where one of the entrants was altered beforehand without the entrants permission or knowledge. WHAT? How is that fair?

That’s like replacing the Academy’s review copies of the nominated films with copies of Gigli!

Okay. There are some moments toward the end involving violence (without a single trace of blood I might add) in which yes, I can understand why they (whoever “they” is) edited it out. But could they at least have done a good job?

In the spaces between shots that stayed in and shots that were thrown into the bin of despair, there was some horrible editing on display. And guess who everyone thought edited it that way? *points finger at self*

So in the year following the initial “Film Fest”, we decided to upload the video on a fantastic website called YouTube (which is really under-the-radar and worth checking out) in its original and entire self.

And this is it (if after all of this nonsensical and unnecessary jabbering, you decide to watch it);

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