Grimsby (2016) – movie review


Oh my god. Just… oh my god.

Grimsby (titled The Brothers Grimsby in the United States) is an action-comedy written by and starring Sacha Baron Cohen as a family man from the titular English town who reconnects with his brother after 28 years of separation. Except his brother is now a “super secret” agent being hunted by M16 who must clear his name while staying low.

That synopsis and the fact that this is written by Sacha Baron Cohen pretty much details everything you need to know about Grimsby. It’s crude. It’s incredibly crude. It’s insanely crude.

I have never seen shock value in a movie like the shock value in Grimsby. There is elephant intercourse, rectal fireworks, the physical journey of HIV, Mark Strong’s testacles and elephant intercourse. The elephant intercourse is mentioned twice because it was stuck in my memory for longer than I would have preferred.

The story is very cliché. Every story point and event in the film can be seen coming a scene away and the general plot has very little (if any) depth. The characters don’t go through any noticeable turning points and when the characters were in danger, I never cared because I didn’t feel any connection with them.

And amidst the action and comedy, Grimsby keeps throwing in flashback scenes following the brothers separation story which (I’m guessing) was supposed to make me feel sad? It was a little bit emotional but it really didn’t add much to the story other than giving an excuse for Grimsby to try and be serious. Which ultimately becomes pointless when placed alongside rectal fireworks.

However, despite the film’s constant nabbing of extremely low-hanging fruit and Grimsby‘s incredibly unnecessary crudity, I had a lot of fun watching this movie.

There are scenes in this movie that had by sides hurting because I was laughing so much. Sacha Baron Cohen wasn’t aiming for an intellectual feast with Grimsby but he was aiming for a meaty one and yeah we got it.

However, to enjoy Grimsby, you do need a very strong stomach and a readiness for completely unintellectual comedy which includes elephant intercourse (I’ve now mentioned that 3 times just to get across the full message that there is elephant intercourse in Grimsby).

If you have a ready stomach and a lust for painful physical comedy, Grimsby is a lot of fun. But don’t expect another Borat. Expect The Dictator with more nudity.

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