Gone Girl (2014) – movie review

gone girl

Gone Girl is a mystery thriller directed by David Fincher about a man who is suspected in the disappearance of his wife. He is being hounded by the press for answers he cannot provide, his family and friends for their suspicion of someone they thought they knew, his own haunting memories and changing opinion of the aforementioned missing girl.

If anyone has pestered you to see Gone Girl in the past two years, you’ve probably heard that Rosamund Pike is brilliant and that’s because she is. Rosamund Pike easily steals the show from a cast that are all almost equally capable of stealing said show. And although Pike’s character is more memorable, it was Ben Affleck’s responsibility to be the centre of attention for not only the audience but also the characters.

Ben Affleck is completely convincing as a man who is stuck in a horrible situation and is being blamed by the world for it. Neil Patrick Harris is pretty good as a very rich boy in a man’s body who is infatuated with a married woman and is one of the most gullible people alive. And Tyler Perry, who in the cast seems to be the most out of place given his strictly non-dramatic resume, gives a great performance.

David Fincher is undoubtedly one of the best directors working today and he can bring any script to the screen with an unbeatable sense of filmic professionalism. So when he is given a screenplay based on a best selling novel praised for it’s compelling mystery… we better get something good and man… we got something good.

I have two little problems with the story however. The first problem being that the film doesn’t hold down one genre or tone all throughout. The film starts out as this brilliant mystery-thriller and then becomes just a thriller. It’s still a very good thriller but they end the mystery part too soon.

My second little problem with it isn’t really a problem as much as it is something holding Gone Girl back from being a “masterpiece” and that is it’s total implausibility. The best horror films and the best thriller films for me are ones that chill you to the bone just before making you realise “This could happen to me”. Gone Girl is very chilling and very horrific in it’s story and once the end credits start to roll, you do think “I feel really bad for those characters” and “I wish I wasn’t in that situation” but instead I felt like “That’s spooky but I’m glad it won’t happen to me” because there is no chance in hell that something like this would ever happen.

The cinematography in Gone Girl perfectly matches it’s mysterious tone thanks to Jeff Cronenweth and his ongoing collaboration with Fincher. The music is also very mysterious again perfectly matching the tone of the film.

David Fincher brings his constantly brilliant directing skills to a script that is over the top and meant for the screen (not for the realists) with great performances from Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry. Gone Girl is a fantastic thriller but it does contain some very gruesome storytelling and disgusting human behaviour so beware.

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