Brooklyn (2015) – movie review


Without any real intention or interest in seeing Brooklyn, I saw Brooklyn today as it is one of the 8 Best Picture nominees at the Academy Awards. Why?

Brooklyn follows Eilis Lacey, an Irish girl who moves to the titular American suburb to make a better living for herself where she meets Tony, an Italian plumber who becomes her boyfriend. When Eilis returns to Ireland for a couple of weeks, she must decide between her Italian boyfriend in Brooklyn or her new boyfriend in Ireland.

One thing that Brooklyn did well was its performances. Saoirse Ronan is great as Eilis showing subtle facial movements can greatly enhance a character. Emory Cohen is good as the Italian boyfriend although he does sort of overact his character’s stereotype a bit.

Out of all the Best Picture nominees I’d have to say that Brooklyn is the least unique. Brooklyn has nothing unique about it. The story is a simple one about love and moving to a new city and that’s really it. Nothing we haven’t seen before.

The directing in Brooklyn is also very minimalist. There’s nothing wrong with the directing per se but there’s nothing particularly great about it either. It’s passable.

However if you saw the poster for Brooklyn and thought “that looks like an okay romantic drama” then you’re right. Brooklyn is an okay romantic drama. Except the drama doesn’t last particularly long or strong and the ending is very predictable.

Brooklyn is like a student that just wants to pass. The performances were good but the directing doesn’t go out of its way to bring out a fine story that could’ve been more unique. It’s a good and light romantic drama if that’s what you were hoping for but don’t expect much more.

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