Deadpool (2016) – movie review


We got our first glimpse of the “Merc with a mouth” in the disaster known as X-Men Origins: Wolverine where some screenwriter who’d never read any Deadpool comics thought that it was a good idea to sew the mouth shut of said merc. But now the movie studio gods have decided to compensate for that 2009 blaspheme by bringing us a brand-spanking new movie with the merc’s mouth fully functional and completely crude… and I couldn’t be happier.

Deadpool follows it’s titular anti-hero’s origin story as he develops from a foul-mouthed and completely badass mercenary to a disfigured, invincible, foul-mouthed badass mercenary.

The first note that I should immediately give to anyone wishing to watch Deadpool is that it’s completely inappropriate for children. The MA15+ rating isn’t given because of one scene, it’s given for the entire movie.

We’ve already seen Ryan Reynolds play this character before in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but since that character was given the worst screen treatment ever known to mankind, we get to see him play the anti-hero once again and he is absolutely great. Ryan Reynolds is great as Deadpool. He brings this overly comic character to the screen with the feeling that he’s still in a comic.

The thing that stands out the most about Deadpool would have to be the perfectly paced script. Deadpool is constantly moving and constantly watchable. Not only is the general story very well paced but the comedy as well being paced at the lovely rhythm of 1 laugh per every 5 seconds.

Deadpool is also a completely self-aware film. The comics were about a comic superhero who knew he was in a comic book and there was nothing that took place in the comics that wasn’t silly. The film is no different. Deadpool is constantly breaking the 4th wall and constantly reminding us that we’re watching a superhero movie by noting obvious genre clichés in hilarious manners.

Unfortunately however these cliché nods don’t mean that Deadpool isn’t a superhero movie. For some reason myself (and a lot of other fanboys) were hoping for an unconventional superhero movie that broke the physics of these repeating structures followed by DC and Marvel. Deadpool does still follow the same superhero structure (hero meets love interest, hero becomes superhero, love interest becomes damsel and superhero saves the day) but doesn’t follow it to an exact point. Deadpool does make a few tweeks to the structure but not enough to detract from the fact that it is still a superhero movie… just without a superhero.

Deadpool may not be the unconventional superhero movie I was unfairly looking for but it is indeed one of the most enjoyable movies I’ve seen in a long time with it’s constantly funny script, Ryan Reynold’s spot-on performance and Stan Lee’s best cameo to date. Oh yeah… it’s there.

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