Anomalisa (2015) – movie review


I know I’ve said this already but is it still too late to change my Best Films of 2015?

Anomalisa is the latest film from the incomprehensible mind of Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, etc.) and it is a stop-motion film about a self-help author who’s caught in a life he can’t quite get comfortable with that he thinks he might be able to escape when he meets a woman who seems special.

Despite the fact that Anomalisa comes from quite possibly the most creative and unique writer in the industry and that it’s told using dolls… this film is Charlie Kaufman’s most sensible film to date. It does still contain that slight structural problem that Kaufman seems to have but it doesn’t detract from the film as much as it has with his previous films.

If you’ve seen the trailer you may have picked up on the fact that Anomalisa is a stop-motion film with dolls. Creepily realistic dolls. The film is about a man living a life filled with repetitive voices and annoying people who meets someone special. If this story was told with live-action actors, it wouldn’t work. Somehow the fact that the incredibly human characters aren’t actual humans seems to be a good thing.

When actors aren’t allowed to use facial expressions and body movement to portray a character, their voice is called upon and in a world of hundreds of characters… all 3 voices were great. David Thewlis is perfectly bored (by that I mean he was good for the character) as the central self-help author crippled by mundanity, Jennifer Jason Leigh is brilliantly shy (again, as a compliment) as the titular anomaly and Tom Noonan is excellently plain as every other character… I’m being serious… he voices literally every other character with the exact same voice.

Charlie Kaufman’s most sensible film to date does contain a slight structural problem and does leave the story unfinished but it is definitely the most unique film of 2015 with it’s great voice acting, creepily realistic animation and endless wit. Anomalisa is an incredibly charming film.

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