Dirty Grandpa (2016) – movie review


I don’t know the main reason why many critics consider January (always) the worst month for movies but considering that the only 2016 films I’ve seen so far are The 5th Wave and Dirty Grandpa… I’m beginning to see a pattern.

Dirty Grandpa is a comedy starring Zac Efron as Jason Kelly, a successful lawyer soon to be married who has been asked to drive his grandfather (Robert De Niro) to Florida after his wife of 40 years just died. But almost as soon as Jason sees his grandfather, he realises that he’s less about grieving and more about partying.

With a title like Dirty Grandpa attached to an MA15+ rating, one should presumably expect that they’re not in for a rewarding experience. And I can guarantee… Dirty Grandpa is far from a rewarding experience. No value of any kind can be taken from Dirty Grandpa but what can be taken away are a couple of laughs. There are some funny moments in Dirty Grandpa but not enough to substitute for the lack of any genuine emotional value.

The best aspects of Dirty Grandpa (using the word “best” very lightly) are the performances of De Niro and Efron. Despite the character not being well-developed or well-written, Zac Efron is good (not great) as Jason Kelly and Robert De Niro is great as a grandfather who wishes to have sex with college girls. It’s not exactly in the same field as Taxi Driver or Raging Bull but you know… it’s kinda… far.

The writing and story in Dirty Grandpa are bad. Everything from the structure of the story to the dialogue to the development to the characters and to the development of those characters or better the lack thereof are bad. 4 characters in particular got on my nerves with their miniscule contribution to the story and their general annoyance. If you watch the movie, you should be able to single out who I’m speaking of.

Dirty Grandpa is a very explicit and offensive film too (for those who are easily offended). With racism, homosexual jokes, nudity and frequent drug use, Dirty Grandpa is definitely not one for the kids.

It’s a shame to see who was once (and still is) considered one of the greatest actors of the silver screen bring his talents to making a film of Dirty Grandpa‘s stature with its highly offensive and explicit aroma permeating a script with so little depth and value. A general light watch and a couple of laughs for those with a readiness for offense can be expected, but not guaranteed.

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