The 5th Wave (2016) – movie review


In the first wave, the power went out. In the second wave, the oceans devoured the cities. In the third wave, the infection killed millions. In the fourth wave, the Others came to Earth. And in the fifth wave, we were already given the worst movie of 2016.

The 5th Wave is a young-adult science-fiction thriller which follows Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Grace Moretz), a survivor of a series of catastrophic events which reduced the world’s population to miniscule numbers who searches across a wasteland known as America in search of her brother.

I will admit that the trailer and concept for The 5th Wave didn’t look bad at all. The marketing gives off the impression that The 5th Wave is going to be an original science-fiction film with lots of potential. Unfortunately, that’s all it is. Potential.

During the introduction for The 5th Wave where Cassie narrates the 4 waves of destruction brought by the alien force known as “The Others” and where we see the instant effects of worldwide catastrophe, I was quite entertained. The first 15 minutes of The 5th Wave present a well-made, investing story with a lot of potential. Then the film steps onto one of the worst rollercoasters in cinematic history.

As soon as the introduction for The 5th Wave finishes, the film starts this money-making joyride where it attempts to cover every young-adult science-fiction film trope ever made. The film very clearly attempts to borrow (or steal) story tropes from the likes of Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, The Walking Dead, etc.

Not only is the concept of The 5th Wave highly unoriginal and cheap, but the writing itself is more than questionable. The dialogue is undeveloped, the pacing is horrible and the exposition comes half from Chloë Grace Moretz’s voice narration and half from Liev Schreiber’s military newsletters.

The directing is passable at best and everything was colour-corrected grey. The acting is alright considering the fact that the characters definitely aren’t.

During the first 15 minutes, The 5th Wave begins to present itself as an original and visually crisp film with a good performance around the corner from Chloë Grace Moretz. Then as the film trucks along at the clunky pace it does, The 5th Wave attempts to combine all of the recent teen science-fiction films to horrible results. Don’t see The 5th Wave.

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